Discount Policy/Shipping Policy/Cancellation Policy

Transportation Policy : Your item for the most part get conveyed inside 0-5 business days.

Returns can frequently be a convoluted and tedious process. Keeping in mind the end goal to make things less complex for you, we arrange returns under two essential headings: to deal with the arrival pickup all alone.

Discount Policy: For any situation if client isn’t happy with the items following 3 days of conveyance. He can’t go for discount or charge back at any case.

Returns After Delivery: The discount against any item can be prepared till 3 days after conveyance. These are the typical return situations where the client restores the item (against a predefined reason) to the vender. These conveyances are called Open Box Cases since the client (in greater part of the cases) has opened the package before asking for a turn around pickup.

Returns Before Delivery: Situation when the transported merchandise are conveyed back to the root without client notwithstanding getting it. This can occur in the accompanying circumstances:

Non-accessibility of the client at the delivery address

Client scratchs off the request while it is still in travel (in spite of the fact that in such cases, the messenger still makes an endeavor to convey the item)

Things that are returned before conveyance show up in the ‘Arrival Pending’ state. When they are come back to the merchant, the state changes to ‘Returned’.

This article manages the Return Before Delivery process.

How can it function?

If it’s not too much trouble take note of: The beneath procedure is appropriate just on the off chance that you have benefited of the Last Mile Delivery (LMD) benefit offered By Remote Geeks Inc./Guru nanak showcase The LMD Service will deal with all strategic related needs. In the event that you have not profited of this administration, you need to deal with the arrival pickup all alone.

Return Process States

Relating to the express the shipment is in, it is noticeable under the beneath said states under the profits tab in the Seller Panel:

Return Requested

The client needs the item to be returned. So an arrival ask for is sent through By Remote Geeks Inc./Guru nanak showcase inside 3days as it were.

Return Approved

Returns are affirmed after a preparatory examination By Remote Geeks Inc./Guru nanak showcase

Return Picked

The thing has been grabbed, by the conveyance accomplice, from the client.

Return Rejected

The arrival ask for rejected which could be because of one of the numerous reasons.

Return Delivered

The thing is conveyed back to you.